Do You Think It’s Biased? How To Ask For The Perception Of Media Bias

The table and tree shown on this page visualize the question summarization process executed in the research paper "How Can the Perception of Media Bias in News Articles Be Objectively Measured?
Best Practices and Recommendations Using User Studies."

In our work, we present which questions may be used to measure media bias perception reliably. For more information, we refer to the paper, which was published at JCDL 2021. In case you use the questions for your own research, please cite the bibtex key given below.

The table here presents the final set of questions. If you click "Tree to this question" for any of the final questions, you will be shown which question and constructs were merged into which other questions.

We only show questions that lead to the final questions (which we evaluated and tested in the study mentioned in the paper). For an overview of all questions we collected, please refer to

Please note that this page does only work on desktop resolution and is not optimized for mobile use. It is meant to give you easier access to evaluated and reliable questions to access the perception of media.


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Table for Final Questionnaire

Number Final Question Anchors